The new crop of limes is just starting to come on. “The December crops look good,” says Eddie Caram of New Limeco. “Last year the crop started earlier than this year. Last year it started in November.”

This year’s summer crop of limes was affected by heat waves in Mexico which in turn delayed the supply. That left both October and November somewhat short on lime supply. “With limes, because we import them from for different regions, I would say weather affecting production sometimes is the biggest challenge,” says Caram.

Growing regions
Right now, New Limeco, which is also considering expanding its citrus line, is importing limes from Mexico and Colombia--though mainly out of Colombia. Central and South America, the Dominican Republic and Mexico are all producing limes right now.

As for demand, it has been steady. “Limes have had a steady increase in consumption as have most other citruses and holiday demand for limes will also pick up,” says Caram. In all, pricing last year was a bit lower given there was more production.

Looking ahead, December looks to have a good amount of crop to go into January. “Then we will start with winter which always has production in lower volumes and the prices will start to increase,” Caram says.

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