Idol Valores, the parent company of the agricultural firm Fruca Marketing, has just redistributed its assets. The company, which had almost 145 million Euro of capital stock, has distributed more than 90 million Euro between three other newly created companies: La Forja Futuro SL, Malagón Finanzas SL and Hortisano la Herrera SL.

These three firms, which are keeping their registered office at Fruca's headquarters in Fuente Álamo, are involved in the "sale and purchase, transfer and acquisition on their own account of shares in entities of all kinds, whether or not they have legal personality, as well as the administration and management of such shares through the corresponding organization of material and personal resources." In other words, they act as holding companies.

La Forja Futuro SL has received more than 70 million, 77% of the total amount transferred. Malagón Finanzas SL, 11 million Euro, and Hortisano la Herrera SL has received 8 million Euro.

The transaction had already been announced when it was published in the Official Gazette of the Mercantile Registry in July; however, it did not become effective until November 28.