In Ukraine, potato prices have surged to the highest levels in a decade, reaching 0.23-0.28 euros/kg, according to AgroTimes monitoring data.

The wholesale potato prices at the largest agricultural market, "Shuvar" in Lviv, have seen a significant increase compared to the same period last year when they were priced at 0.11 euros/kg. In 2020, the average price was around 0.2 euros/kg, while in the challenging harvest of 2019, it stood at 0.23 euros/kg.

The lowest recorded price was in 2018 at 0.08 euros/kg.

Let's note, that this year, potatoes became the only marginal crop for some Ukrainian farmers, as the cultivation and logistics of grains have become financially unsustainable. The current situation underscores the challenges facing the agricultural sector in Ukraine.