A study from Brigham Young University reveals a surprising strategy to get kids to eat more vegetables: serving them with smiley face-shaped potatoes. Children were found to consume up to 52% more peas and carrots when potato smileys were placed in the same bowl as the vegetables. This effect did not occur when the potato smiles were served separately. The study aimed to address the challenge of getting kids to eat their recommended daily servings of vegetables, as many children fall short of this target.


The research emphasizes the importance of encouraging vegetable consumption among school children, as their diets often lack adequate amounts of veggies. By serving potato smiles alongside vegetables, it not only increases vegetable intake but also reduces food waste. Additionally, this approach was shown to add only a small amount of calories and fat to the meal, making it a relatively healthy option. While other potato shapes had a less significant impact on vegetable consumption, potato smiles appeared to be more familiar and appealing to kids, making them a useful tool in promoting healthier eating habits.