More than 400 farmers have already set up an online farm store with the help of Bremen-based company "Friedhold". There is now the "Support your Farmer" app, which end customers, i.e. consumers, can use to order goods for collection. A delivery service for parts of Bremen's city center has recently been launched. "If the customer previously ordered from five farms, they had to go to all of them for collection," says Moritz Armbrust (36), one of the founders of 'Friedhold'. "Now, he or she can order from all 26 and get the goods delivered to their home."

The Friedhold team was awarded the Audience Award Digital Start-up of the Year 2023, among others.

Regionality, short distances - that is what makes "Support your Farmer" special. In contrast to other providers, no goods are purchased via wholesalers. The delivery network only includes farmers and producers who offer their products directly. A large proportion of the price also remains with the farmers. 95 percent of the net price is collected by the customer, with five percent going to "Friedhold". For deliveries to Bremen, 85 percent remains with the producers, says Armbrust.

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