"In general, sales are very slow," said Pieter de Ruiter, from the Dutch 4Fruit Company. "The volumes of fruit and vegetables currently being shipped are not large, and no surpluses are building up either. The demand is lagging, but prices are high. We are seeing that. for example, with Spanish greenhouse vegetables."

Pieter de Ruiter (right) with his colleague Ferran Barceló at the Anecoop stand at Fruit Attraction.

"Citrus prices are also good. Spanish growers are quite satisfied and we have no complaints about the quality; however, competition is going to be tough, especially in the small size segment, with the arrival of products from Morocco. The supply of Spanish oranges is lower this year and prices for the Navelina variety amount to around 15-16 Euro, a fairly high level. Quality is also excellent, but in a few weeks, Egypt will also start shipping its oranges, which will result in more competition in the market."

"As for kakis, our supplier Anecoop expects a shorter season than in previous years, as strong winds damaged a lot of the production that were still on the trees," says Pieter. "In weeks 49, 50 and 51 we expect to receive around 30% less kakis and the season should also finish earlier. In fact, we started the sale of stored kakis two weeks ago, when they are normally sold in January."

"Prices are not bad, ranging between €8.50 and €9.50 for a 5 kg box. In general, kakis are becoming more popular every year, so sales are increasing. The same goes for fruits such as pitahaya, which we now also import from Spain, instead of Vietnam. But not all products are a success. For example, kiwiberry sales never really took off," said Pieter.

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