On November 25, a group of 221 laborers departed Malawi for Tel Aviv. According to Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the war with Hamas has significantly affected the country’s agricultural sector as thousands of foreign workers left the country. Workers from Malawi, the fourth poorest country globally according to the World Bank, are now going to work on Israeli farms.

“We’re thinking of initially sending around 5,000 people,” said Malawi’s Information Minister, Moses Kunkuyu, in a recent interview. Amid a foreign currency crisis, the people of Malawi are also grappling with soaring prices and rampant inflation.

Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera has been criticized for the potential risks the agreement imposes on Malawian citizens traveling to conflict zones, as well as the lack of transparency surrounding its negotiation.

Source: english.elpais.com