Israel’s avocado harvest is progressing well as it is now in the main part of the season with good demand from markets. According to Yonatan Meron, Export Manager of Granot Fresh, “We're now almost in full swing.”

“For Greenskin we're finishing the Ettinger and moving to other varieties of Fuerte, Pinkerton and Arad. The Hass season has also started a few weeks ago in mid-October. The size curve is quite small but fruit is still growing. The dry matter is in the right levels and the clients are satisfied from the quality and the ripening of the fruits. We're almost in full swing with the Hass, and this popular variety will be our main one from now until the end of March,” states Meron.

Before the war started Israel’s avocado exports were expected to reach the same volume as in the 2021-22 season with total exports of 125,000 tons. Hass will be about 75,000 tons and Greenskins 50,000 tons.

Meron says while they do have a shortage of workers they are managing to continue with packing of the avocados for export. “Labour is challenging because of the current situation in Israel, but by now we're able to complete most of our programs.”

Granot is the largest agriculture cooperative in Israel that belongs to 43 Kibbutzim, making them one of the biggest packers and exporters of avocado and citrus in Israel. They grow 3,200 hectares of avocados with 70 years of experience says Meron.

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