On November 20, the first franchise branch of catering wholesaler Alfafood GmbH opened its doors in Ingolstadt. On a spacious area of approx. 1,500 square meters, the cash & carry market stocks a carefully selected range of products, including a wide variety of fresh vegetables specially tailored to the needs of catering businesses and bulk consumers. And the next new opening is already imminent, says Roni Burcak, Co-Managing Director of the store network. At the beginning of the new year, the second franchise branch and the Group's seventh store in Rosenheim in southern Bavaria will be opened.

Roni Burcak (3rd from left) and the staff of the new branch in Ingolstadt.

With the opening of the first franchise branch, the family business, which was founded in 1997, is taking a new path. "However, our tried-and-tested cash & carry concept remains unchanged. Because everyone can shop with us, from snack bars and bulk consumers to slightly more upmarket cuisine," says Burcak. The high potential of the location is beyond doubt. "On the first day alone, we were able to sell over a truck of vegetables."

Stable supply situation
In terms of quantity, vegetables are of secondary importance at Alfafood Ltd: nevertheless, a manageable selection of vegetable products can be found in every branch. Burcak: "Our range comprises around 20-30 products that we can offer on a permanent basis and which are sold in very large quantities. These include mushrooms, onions, cucumbers and tomatoes. Thanks to our established supplier base and sufficient storage space, we were able to offer everything in sufficient quantities and at affordable prices even in this challenging year, apart from minor bottlenecks. We are used to worse when it comes to procuring vegetables."

The exterior of the brand new cash & carry store. The store covers a total of 1,500m2, including 200m2 of refrigerated space for vegetables, dairy and meat products.

Positive sales development
The sales target was already exceeded by €60 million last year. And with a view to the two new openings in Ingolstadt and Rosenheim, a positive sales trend is also expected in the coming years. "In this respect, we are looking to the future with confidence," Burcak concludes.

Pictures: Alfafood GmbH.

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