The Agricultural and Fisheries Information Service of the Junta de Andalucía, Spain, published a report on the phenological status of greenhouse crops in the region during the past week.

Greenhouse pepper producers continue harvesting all pepper varieties. They are also carrying out maintenance work on the formed hedges. Producers have noticed the presence of whiteflies, thrips, and some foci of aphids, which are mainly controlled using biological control with good results.

Most tomato crops are in the fattening and curdling phase. Destemming and stalking activities are being carried out. The harvest of the earliest plantations has started.

In the eggplant, the early plantations are in full harvest. There are also new crops, which are in the early stages of growth. Producers are carrying out stalking and pruning work.

There were zucchini crops in all stages. Some were coming to the end of their production cycle and producers usually repeat this crop with a new zucchini plantation, using a thermal blanket in the early phases of cultivation to achieve good insulation. Some plots were affected by virosis.

In cucumber there are plantations at all stages of development, some have been recently transplanted and the earliest plantations are already in production.

In the Northwest Coast region, in the area of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, most of the white tapins planted in September are either in the sprouting or fruit-fattening stage. Some are already being harvested.

In the region of La Costa, in the San Carlos area, there are Palermo peppers that were planted at the end of August and that are in the fattening phase. The harvest of the earliest varieties is starting.

Producers are harvesting Dutch and Spanish cucumbers. Prices have been decreasing these weeks. The weather has been good. It's cold at night, which allows pest control during the day, reaching 35º inside the greenhouses.

Pear and cherry tomatoes are being harvested in the Castell de Ferro area. Producers are fertilizing the crops with inputs of potassium nitrate of 0.5-1.5 kg/week/1,000 m2; calcium nitrate of 0.5-2 kg/1,000 m2, among other inputs.

After being planted, the development of the strawberry plants continues. The earliest varieties are in the BBCH 71-79 phase (Fruit Fattening).

In the Torrox-Vélez-Málaga area, there are greenhouses with Nabone peppers.

Eggplants are in harvest. Varieties such as Cristal are used. French-style cucumbers are being harvested and their price is good.