November marks the start of the Egyptian Citrus Campaign by BGP International, a marketer and distributor of a wide range of agricultural products, including citrus, grapes, apples, stonefruit, and more. With a keen eye on quality and color, BGP International is excited to announce the launch of the campaign, featuring a spectrum of citrus fruits, and navigating the challenges of a competitive market.

Vibrant Egyptian lemons:
BGP International’s Egyptian lemons are set to hit the market in November, these lemons are degreened to attain their vivid color, ensuring that every fruit is a feast for the eyes and the palate.

Oranges and grapefruit galore:
The company has a bountiful citrus harvest lined up for December. In the middle of the month, the Egyptian citrus campaign welcomes the Washington Navel variety of oranges, known for their exquisite taste and juiciness. Following closely are the Lane Late, Midknight, and Valencia varieties, each offering a unique flavor profile.

Moreover, December will also see the arrival of grapefruit, with BGP International employing a slow packing approach to ensure the fruit reaches consumers in the best possible condition. A significant portion of the grapefruit production will be held for release during February, providing a fresh window for consumers to enjoy these tangy delights.

Mandarins in Mid-December and beyond:
In mid-December mandarins will hit the market. These seedless varieties, Afourer, and Tango are not just about taste but also convenience.

As the Egyptian citrus campaign progresses into February, BGP International will have seeded Honey Murcott Mandarins running through late winter and early spring.

Meeting the Challenges of a Competitive Market:
BGP International is well aware of the competition in the citrus market, with formidable players from countries like Turkey and China. In response to this, BGP International's diversified approach enables them to not only market Egyptian citrus but also products of various origins, catering to the dynamic needs and preferences of consumers worldwide.

BGP International's commitment to providing high-quality produce, ensuring a year-round supply of fresh, delicious fruit, and meeting the demands of a competitive market.

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