The Port of Paracas has announced that, as last weekend, the Maersk shipping company will begin a direct transport service from the aforementioned port to Europe, plus routes to the United States and Asia.

Rabi Vilela, deputy commercial manager at the Port of Paracas, stated that this shipping company resumes the seasonal program of direct service to Europe, as well as connection with the United States and Asia, due to the export potential of Peru's southern zone and the characteristics of this port, in terms of infrastructure and operational capacity focused on efficiency and agility.

The officer explained that this service is aimed mainly at agro-export companies, especially those selling grapes and blueberries. It will also operate competitive routes with shorter transit times to Rotterdam (20 days), Antwerp (19 days), Hamburg (24 days), Philadelphia (14 days), Savannah (18 days), Port Everglades (15 days), among other destinations for Peruvian exports.

Given this service, the two largest shipping companies around the world, Maersk and MSC, operate at the port offering ad-hoc-designed services to exporters in the country's southern area, which enable three ships per week to leave from this terminal carrying products to various regions of the world.

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