The only juicer in the world that cleans and sanitizes itself. “Our new Zitrux juicer is the only juicer in the world that cleans itself. This was the missing key feature for retail in this segment and so this integrated juicing solution can now meet all customer needs,” stated Víctor Bertolín, President of Zumex.

Hygiene is maximized with a program of intermediate cleanings and a maximum sanitization of the entire juicer system at the end of each day. Zumex listened and applied to this new model four suggestions for improvement that its customers made: a closed (hermetic) machine, a lift, sensors that warn when the bucket and basket are full or empty, and, of course, a self-cleaning solution. “Zitrux is designed to address the most important gap that our customers have had to cover themselves for years. The result is a machine with unprecedented features that could revolutionize the market,” stressed Bertolín.

Supermarkets, hypermarkets, and discounters are potential customers for Zumex when it comes to this machine. Other potential customers are all professionals who have seen through other models that the concept of a juicer is profitable for them and who want to optimize this service to save time and costs.

A machine designed to save time and money
According to Zumex, the minimization of product loss and the exact measurement of the pressed juice are fundamental to time savings and cost savings. Comparing the efficiency figures of other juicers, cleaning costs in terms of time and water savings are key factors. Zumex has calculated that a supermarket chain with 1,662 stores can save up to €4 million by choosing Zitrux instead of a model with similar features.

Directly related to all these savings and autonomy, Zitrux has the capacity to store 75 kg of oranges and 120 liters of waste. In addition, it's able to squeeze 40 fruits per minute, a unique figure in the sector, its manufacturers stated. "We are talking about the highest performance in the category, a turning point that also implies a ground-breaking shopping experience for the end customer," the CEO of Zumex stated.

In terms of innovation, this model (which has a design that makes it look more like a piece of furniture than an industrial machine) has an exclusive technology called Zumex Connect, which provides key information for professionals. It allows users, for example, to find out the status of the entire machine park in real-time, the exact number of liters squeezed, or when the last cleaning was carried out. In addition, it has other functionalities such as receiving alerts or having video guides for the end customer.

After having integrated citrus juicers in the points of sale of European, American, and Asian supermarkets, Zumex has presented this recent innovation at leading international fairs such as Euroshop (Düsseldorf), Fruit Attraction (Madrid), and Host (Milan). "Zitrux continues to reinvent the way it delivers fresh, quality juice to millions of consumers around the world," the company stated.

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