The San Antonio Trucking Business Association (AGEC) might stop activities and start a blockade due to various problems they claim to have in two container depots. A move like this would disrupt activities at Chile’s main port between receiving Christmas shipments and the start of the cherry export season.

Cristián Fredes, president of AGEC, explained that the entity has serious complications in the work of Sitrans and Contopsa container depots. The above, as a result of the collection of demurrage at the time of entering such facilities. He added: “We have been asked many times to review this measure, not only in Contopsa and Sitrans, but also in the Comunidad Logística de San Antonio (Colsa), but so far there are words that are not accompanied by actions."

"We hope that through to announce our displeasure in advance, those in question will act to solve this huge problem and we will stop putting our hand in the pockets of the carrier in San Antonio. We are in a state of alert and ready to block the access of those deposit if necessary.”