With cooler temperatures setting in, it’s soup and stew cooking season. For Organically Grown Company, that means it’s kicking off its certified organic winter root vegetable program which includes organic red and gold beets, burdock, celeriac, parsnips, sunchokes, rutabagas and turnips, all of which are grown in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

Organic production season in the PNW can extend well into fall and even winter months for cool-season crops such as root vegetables.

Harvest is underway there on these cold-hardy items following a good growing season. “The soil, cool climate and long growing season create perfect growing conditions for roots. The supply is strong now and going into 2024. The quality is consistently great, with volume as strong as last year,” says Mike Boyle, OGC’s vice president of sales & sourcing. The organic production season in the Pacific Northwest can extend well into the fall and even winter months for cool-season crops such as root vegetables.

Peak demand coming
The supplies of these crops are meeting steady demand, although it has slightly softened compared to the last season. “Root consumption is entering its peak right now and product volume and quality is there to match it. As the holidays and colder weather arrive, the seasonal transition is inspiring eaters to reach for ingredients to make comfort foods and hearty dishes,” says Boyle. “Shoppers want to eat healthy, sustainable food that matches their values and root vegetables are a perfect choice, and organic roots are better for the health of people and the planet.”

Right: Mike Boyle

As for pricing, on beets, it’s down somewhat over last year’s prices given there is more supply this season. “The price for parsnips, turnips and rutabaga is in line with last season, while the price on burdock is slightly up due to increased demand,” adds Boyle.

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