“Oranges are available to us all year round, but the new Italian season is starting only now,” says Raffaele Scirillo from Irpinia Frucht Ltd. "In summer we also have oranges in our range, but the quality is not as good as in winter. The season for Amalfi lemons is already over. However, we are expecting the first deliveries of Cedro and Bergamotto lemons shortly. The demand for the latter varieties is very high, although the product is currently not available," says Scirillo.

"We primarily source our goods from Sicily. We also offer Sicilian leaf oranges of the Navel variety and the first clementines." The overall demand for oranges is high, but prices are very high as well. "Even the prices for the usually cheaper juice oranges are currently quite high. Our suppliers couldn't explain to me why."

Until last week, temperatures of up to 30 degrees were a thing in Italy. However, the weather did not have a negative impact on the produce. "Little by little, we are also receiving winter fruits and vegetables, even though it is quite warm in Italy right now."

Launch of the online shop “Italyzioso”
Since the end of last week, a new online shop has been operating under the name "Italyzioso" under Scirillo's management. "We are still just getting started. There are currently between 100 and 110 products in our online shop. From week to week, more and more interesting products will be available for purchase. The shop is aimed at private consumers, not at wholesalers," said Scirillo. Fresh produce is only gradually being added to Italyzioso. At the end of the year, an estimated 20 percent of the range will consist of chilled fresh produce.

"What we were missing at Irpinia was exactly this private customer area. Customers approached us who would have liked to shop with us locally. But because we close at 8 or 9 a.m., they asked for an alternative solution. That's why we agreed to open this line of business." So far, Scirillo is solely responsible for Italyzioso. "I will continue to deliver to customers myself for the time being, as long as they are in the local area. Otherwise, the goods will be sold via the major shipping service providers."

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