Equifruit’s president Jennie Coleman is among the winners of this year’s Globe and Mail Changemakers Award. The award recognizes emerging business leaders who are changing the status quo through their ideas, accomplishments and impact. Coleman was chosen for her commitment to responsible sourcing and Fairtrade practices in the global banana industry.

Equifruit, founded in 2006, is a Canadian company that sources Fairtrade bananas (both organic and conventional) from small-scale farmers and plantations in Latin America. Under Coleman’s leadership, the company has established strong relationships with growers and created a transparent supply chain that ensures fair prices for farmers and high-quality bananas for consumers. Equifruit’s business model addresses serious topics: sustainable agriculture, trade justice and environmental protection, but through humor and bold messaging, its innovative marketing is hard to ignore.

Coleman, who purchased Equifruit in 2013, expressed her gratitude for the award and highlighted the importance of a fair distribution of value along the supply chain for Canada’s favorite fruit. “I am honored to receive this recognition as a changemaker,” she said. “Equifruit is about change, not charity: changing a toxic 100-year-old banana business model and changing Canadians’ mindsets on bananas. We are grateful to the retail partners who are conduits of this change, who have chosen to offer a sustainably-sourced Equifruit banana to their customers, with such a positive impact on the lives of farmers and their communities.”

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