International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) released the IFPA 2022 Year in Review, a reflection on the successes, priorities and member experiences over 2022, IFPA’s first year as an association. The review is a multimedia tour of association highlights and headlines, to celebrate all that the association has accomplished this year with the support of and on behalf of the industry and association members.

“More than 3000 members around the world believed in a new vision for our industry,” said IFPA CEO Cathy Burns. “IFPA exists to serve our members, our industry and the world at large and we are incredibly grateful for the privilege to create a vibrant future with you. This 2022 year in review is a celebration of all of our members and our achievements together.” 

The Year in Review provides a timeline of IFPA’s events, research, awards and more with a special focus on showcasing how the association has worked to deliver on the industry’s priorities this year. The dynamic review showcases images and perspectives from members who joined IFPA at signature events, Foundation for Fresh Produce activations and more. 

“The Year in Review is more than just proof of promises kept,” said Burns. “It is a testament to just how much the world needs our industry’s leadership, expertise and products. Whether we were on stage at Consumer Technology Association’s CES, networking at the Southern Africa Conference in Cape Town or sharing our Produce Moonshot with policymakers at the White House Conference, the power of produce and floral was clear – and we’re just getting started.”

The Year in Review is available on the association’s website and features highlights, images and headlines from its first year.   

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