Bobalu Berry Farms Managing partners established an annual scholarship in 2022 to celebrate 60 years in business honoring their grandparents. In 2023 Bobby and RC Jones are expanding the program to support additional students. 

Graduating high school seniors in Ventura County benefitted from the company’s scholarship program in 2022 with nine graduating seniors receiving funds to support their education at schools including UCLA, California Lutheran University, University of California Santa Barbara and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. The partners at Bobalu were deeply touched by the response to the program and the caliber of the students that applied for their scholarships. So much so, that the Jones Family has expanded the program for 2023 to include high schools throughout Santa Maria, California, their other major farming region in the state. 

Left to right: Bobby Jones, RC Jones. 

With each scholarship awarded, the team received personal messages from students excited to take their next step in furthering their education and grateful for the assistance. “I would like to thank you for choosing me as one of your scholarship recipients this past year. I have been enrolled here at Cal Poly for a few weeks and have enjoyed every bit of my time here thus far,” said Travis, one scholarship recipient. “I want to thank you sincerely for this amazing opportunity and inform you that I am officially enrolled at the University of California Santa Barbara,” said Sherly, another recipient of a scholarship. 

Bobalu has contacted the school districts in both regions and school counselors are spreading the word with their high school seniors about the 2023 scholarships. Some of the students last year were the first in their families to attend college and the company is so pleased to be part of their story as they move forward offering the program to even more students this year.   

The Bobalu Berry Farms Scholarship program has merit-based requirements with an emphasis on community service/volunteerism as a key part of the qualifications. The nine outstanding students that received funds last year exemplified those standards and the company looks forward to more of the same in 2023.   

The Jones family is proud to support the nine students already enrolled in college and excited to continue the program. “We look forward to building on this program with the addition of Santa Maria high schools and we have already received positive responses from each of the five schools we added there,” says RC Jones. 

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