The Egyptian exporter 3A for Agricultural and Animal Production enters the citrus market this season with volumes of 100,000 tons of different varieties: Abo Sorra oranges, Navel oranges, Murcott, Fremont, and Tango.

Mr. Eslam Taha, head of quality assurance of the company, ensures that Egyptian production this year has achieved a substantial quality improvement, especially due to the cooler weather during September and October compared to the same period last year. According to Mr. Eslam, "the good weather has reduced the exposition to insects and significantly and naturally improved the quality of products, their aesthetics, and taste."

The company expects strong demand from European countries, especially England, the Netherlands, and Germany, where Egyptian citrus is prized, as well as Asian countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and India. On the other hand, African markets will be slower to buy according to Mr. Eslam, which is due to competition with South Africa.

Mr. Eslam added: "We are open to export to any customer who wants to take advantage of the exceptional quality of Egyptian citrus this season. Our only constraint is the fact that we require financial guarantees and that we do business bank to bank."

In terms of prices, Mr. Eslam hopes for a slight increase in market prices, to cover the increase in production costs.

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