Rwanda is set launch a sea freight shipment with avocados for the first time. According to the National Agricultural Export Development Board, the move sets out to meet the rising demand of avocado and also serve as alternative mode of transportation. The first shipment of containers carrying 23 tons will head to Dubai. The agriculture exports body also will launch sea freight shipment alternatives, diverting from airfreight, in order to seek a long-term business partnership with international buyers.

Rwanda’s avocado market is further expected to increase in the near future. Through mass avocado production, several exporters have planted big areas which are coming into production in 2023. Therefore, it is expected that approximately 200+ hectares will come into production in the coming years, almost doubling the avocado production in Rwanda. The Hass and Fuerte types are the most popular in Rwanda.

According to the NAEB, avocado export volumes from Rwanda increased from 105.4 tons in 2016/2017 to 2,765 tons in 2021/2022), with revenues increasing from $37,155 to $4,533,801 in the same period.