Cherry producers in Turkey, having achieved tremendous success in the world market, have directed their efforts to breeding new, better varieties. The number of cherry producing companies in Turkey has continued to grow over the past years, the reduction of cold weather and the growth in the number of packing enterprises also contribute to the development of production and exports.

Turkey occupies an important place in the world in supplying the demand for cherries, producing about 50 varieties of cherries, the most popular of which is the variety “0900 Ziraat”.

In 2014, the production of sweet cherries in Turkey reached 445.500 tons, in 2020 this figure increased to 724.900 tons. Among the world leaders in the export of sweet cherries, along with Turkey, are Chile, Hong Kong and the United States.

In the period from January 1 to November 15, 2022, the export of sweet cherries from Turkey amounted to 57.300 tons in kind. Turkey supplies its products to 76 countries of the world, the largest sport is observed from Russia. In 2021, the export of sweet cherries to the Russian Federation amounted to $37.6 million, since the beginning of this year it has grown to $56 million.