A multi-sensor tracker containing the technology to measure hyper-accurate location, temperature, humidity, shock, and light exposure of shipments - all packed into a small box, the size of a mobile phone. Or a cloud-enabled temperature logger in the form of a paper-thin, flexible label. Both of which have a non-lithium eco-friendly battery designed to be used over and over again. These are some of the solutions from Tive, a provider of in-transit visibility solutions.

“Full visibility of the location and condition of each parcel in-transit gives customers ease of mind, ensuring them that their parcels are safe and will arrive on time and in full, without sacrificing quality,” says Dennis Perjet, VP of Sales at Tive. In case any of the parameters deviate from their set value, the customer receives an instant notification.

Deliveries of fresh fruits and vegetables are particularly sensitive to transport conditions, so full visibility during freight is essential to ensure safe delivery. “We focus on offering solutions that help generate profits by reducing losses,” Perjet said.

A temperature fluctuation of just a few degrees could determine whether a load of produce can be sold to the customer or needs to be disposed of. With the entire logistics sector facing many challenges currently, the need for real-time in-transit solutions has become more critical. “Pandemic restrictions that forced an increase in automation of logistics processes were followed by the Russo-Ukrainian war. This is having significant impact on shipments. However, customer expectations haven’t changed. They still want to receive their order within the specified time, in full, and without damage.

Tive tracker

Trackers that actively monitors shipment
The use of 5G, IOT and cloud computing technology in combination with the placement of a small device in the shipment allow for ongoing tracking of transportation via road, air, ocean, rail, or a combination of these. “Unlike other real-time solutions that offer sensors and an application, our solution helps save global shipments with hyper-accurate trackers that actively monitor a shipment’s location and condition in real-time,” Perjet commented.

An intuitive cloud application delivers actionable real-time data on shipments, sends configurable excursion alerts, and the Tive team of logistics experts monitor shipments around the clock to ensure shipments are not delayed or damaged.

The most recent solution is Tive Tag. A long-life cloud-enabled temperature logger in the form factor of a flexible shipping label. “This solution has been designed to break price point barriers and provide a solution for first and last-mile deliveries, warehouse operations, as well as cold chain management. It can be used during any form of transportation. Simply stick the Tag on the shipment, tap the Tag with the Tive Tag mobile app using either an iPhone or Android phone to start recording temperature data, and—when the shipment reaches its destination—tap the Tag again.

The mobile app instantly uploads all temperature data to the Tive Tag cloud application to maintain an audit trail for your compliance needs. Use the Tive Tag mobile or desktop dashboard to view the shipment’s complete history, including temperature excursions across the cold chain.

Fruit Attraction
Tive will be attending Fruit Attraction in Madrid this week. “We feel technology based on cloud computing and IoT is currently the key to the success of companies operating in the fresh produce segment. Our solutions help with reducing losses during transportation and delivering products on time. We are looking forward to meeting current and potential customers and educating as many companies and people as possible on the benefits of our solutions,” Perjet said.

Tive is looking forward to showing attendees how their solutions work and how a delivery can be protected against transportation damage. Visit Tive at stand 6A01A at Fruit Attraction.

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