Prices of Qiuyue pear continue to fall, and the latter market is not optimistic

2022 is a special year, with frequent occurrences of extreme weather events, such as high temperatures and drought, hailstorms, and heavy rains; all of which are causing turbulence in fruit prices. The supply and demand situation of the fruit market itself has caused the fruit market to rise and fall. The price of Shine muscat roses has fallen sharply recently, and now Qiuyue pears are also facing the same situation.

This year, the price of Qiuyue pears in the production area was 8-10RMB/kg at the beginning of picking, and the price was similar to last year. Unfortunately, the closer to the Mid-Autumn Festival, the price of Qiuyue pears continued to decline, and the market in the later period is not optimistic.

Analysis of the reasons for the price drops of Qiuyue pears:

Ripening and early harvesting
This year's Mid-Autumn Festival is earlier than last year, and there has always been a problem with fruits that are on the market in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival, that is, early picking is more likely to occur. Many fruit farmers are picking Qiuyue pears earlier to meet the market demand of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

To sell at high prices, many Qiuyue pears this year started picking about half a month earlier. These early-picked fruits just look good, are not fully ripe yet, and have low sugar content. There are also fruit farmers who made Qiuyue pears ripen artificially to go to market earlier, resulting in poor taste. Once these Qiuyue pears were on the market, they changed the favorable impression consumers had of Qiuyue pears.

Fruit farmers follow
Last year's Qiuyue pears can be described as "pears that bring fortune". More and more fruit farmers chose to invest in planting. With the soaring market, the planting area of ​​Qiuyue pears has expanded year by year, and the areas in China that can cultivate pears have basically developed to plant Qiuyue pears. The existing large-scale planting areas include Shandong, Liaoning, Anhui, Hebei, and Henan. The increase in production has led to uneven qualities of Qiuyue pears on the market.

Fake Qiuyue pears
In the past two years, the fruit market has become more and more popular for fakes, more than real ones. Some people use domestic apples to label fake imported apples, and some people use Fengshui pears, Yuanhuang pears and others to pretend to be Qiuyue pears. This year, before a large number of Qiuyue pears hit the market, the fake Qiuyue pears on the market were already everywhere. Consumers have had bad experiences after purchasing and so refuse to buy again. The fruits in the market have slowed down and prices have fallen, forcing some fruit merchants to stop purchasing from the origin, and the price of the origin has been falling.

Source: Fresh-China

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