There are few active principles that can be used against the brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys) and the number of treatments available is limited, this is why producers are choosing traps more and more. Shindo Trap by Agroeletronics at CBC Biogard combines the traditional pheromone attraction with a new vibration one. 

"Pentatomidae communicate among themselves also using vibrational signals that are perceived among the plants on which they live and move. Vibration frequencies and sequences are specific to sexes and species, so they can recognize and localize each other and reproduce. The research conducted by entomologists over the past few years enabled the decoding of key portions of the vibration language which, if reproduced effectively, generate attraction towards the source."

Biogard research identified the best way to constantly reproduce the portion of communication signal. Studies focused on the faithful reproduction of signals available in nature with particular attention to the elimination of all secondary and accidental components.

"Shindo Trap was studied specifically to be easy to install, use and maintain over time. The innovative opening system means the trap can be left installed throughout the season without the need for complex field operations. The practical emptying system makes insect elimination easy and the quality of the materials makes it suitable to be employed for multiple years if used and maintained well." 

Traps should be installed at the start of the season, outside and at a certain distance from the orchard to protect using support poles. It should be installed in company areas where Halyomorpha halys is more likely to develop, especially along crop perimeters near hedges and buildings. Additional traps should be placed on any side or points at risk. Traps must be replaced after 12 weeks. 

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