"Five years ago, the melon and pineapple peeler mod. PL4D was born, thus doubling the production capacity and maintaining the same standards of reliability and safety compared to our previous models," said Virginia Cascella, export manageress of PND.

Melania Di Prisco (administration manageress) and Virginia Cascella (export manageress)

"The PL1D and PL2D pineapple and melon peeler models, with one and two processing heads each, were already well sought after by the market, but the customer wanted more in terms of production, less labor, but with the same reliability as the PND brand. And so, by continuing to work side by side with the best companies in the sector, our company has once again met the customers' needs for innovation and safety," said Cascella.

The pineapple and melon peeler mod. PL4D has a manual system and performs the external peeling. In this way, even if the fruit is not calibrated and slightly irregular, it can be easily peeled with the maximum yield. To increase production, the system provides for peeling on two stands, while the other two are loaded. Moreover, to facilitate the work, for a better hygiene and for a better maintenance of the fruit, the machine is equipped with a system of ejection of the fruit, which falls on the belt without further intervention of the operator.

The machine has a structure entirely made of stainless steel and all machine components are easily interchangeable; all parts in contact with the fruit are made of food-grade materials. The machine is completed with two conveyor belts, one for the peeled product and the other for the waste (peel and core).

PND is not only a peeler for pineapple and melon, but it covers the processing of many and many fruits such as apple, pear, kiwi, oranges, mango, strawberries, peaches, as well as complete process lines that start with the pre-washing tanks and end with the treatment tanks. Besides the machines, the company also produces vibrating tables, sorting belts and everything necessary to better organize a laboratory according to the customer's needs.

Melon and pineapple peeler mod. PL4D

"Our industrial machines, all in steel and easy to access, stand out for their robustness, compactness, reliability and are designed for long-term operation, up to 24 hours non-stop. They appeal especially to technicians who do not need to intervene for continuous service calls. What we like about PND is the smart service of quick response to all needs, full availability in welcoming the customer before and after the sale, transparency even in technical advice for tailor-made solutions. The customer feels welcomed, understood and satisfied," concluded the manageress. 

The PL1D model of pineapple and melon peeler will be on display at the next Fruit Logistica exhibition in Berlin, in which PND will take part.

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