The requirements for fruit and vegetables in the retail trade are becoming more and more demanding, especially with regard to residues of plant and soil protection substances. This applies to conventional and organically grown products. Just recently, reports came out about higher residue levels in imported goods. However, how can this be reconciled with the increased disease pressure that currently prevails, for example, due to intensively cultivated soils that have been intensively cultivated for a long time?

Jörg Broschkat, from Biologische Zellregulation, based in Kassel, has received inquiries for his solution from all over the world - but the product is not a classic crop protection product: "The term crop protection covers only chemical agents. Our product is purely natural, has the highest organic certification, with standards even higher than Demeter and Bioland, and still shows a very good effect on everything from bananas to tomatoes. Our soil granulate combines soil and plant care."

Broschkat explains his concept: "As always, when it comes to sustainable soil and plant care, there is no simple, relevant solution. Rather, there is a need to adapt the individual needs of a solution to the available resources, which can vary depending on geography, culture and climate. The use of our natural soil and plant care products will never be the sole solution for a specific sector, but will enrich the spectrum of sustainable resources to be worked on in a special way."

However, the solution should not result in a loss of economic efficiency, the ecological and economic value of the goods for the producers must be taken into account: "The solutions resulting from the many years of application show in their variety the successfully developing possibilities of using the natural soil and plant care applied in agriculture. For the first time it has been possible to develop an optimal natural soil and plant care under these conditions."

Of course, natural soil and plant care is not the answer to everything, but it comes with various advantages for all stages of the supply chain: "And all this with absolute consideration for the needs of the environment! All ecological regulations, including water conservation, are complied with 100%."

The granulate is intended to activate the plant's own protective mechanisms against parasites and fungal infections. These are known to cause problems for banana and tomato producers. However, according to Jörg Broschkat, it is essential for the targeted treatment that producers approach him with their problems at an early stage: "Only if we can intervene promptly can we find a remedy".

"Our granulate can be adapted to a good 90% of the crops, so we can meet almost any need. As international interest is growing, we now also want to expand our production in the long term," Broschkat concluded.

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