CKF is excited to announce the expansion of its top sealable line of Earthcycle ™ home compostable and recyclable packaging with the launch of the “8-down” and “6-down” sized punnets, the EC 810 and EC 4068 respectively. The products were created with input from key customers and designed to maximize freight efficiencies and visibility by using the industry standard 60 x 40 master case. “The visual impact of fresh produce packed in the new punnets is stunning and immediately resonates with the consumer with its reduced use of plastics”, says Brad Dennis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CKF.

The new designs add to CKF’s existing library of top seal products that are available in 14, 12, and 10-down sized formats.

“The sustainable packaging value proposition is no longer just about helping the consumer effortlessly and easily dispose of the packaging through home composting or wastepaper recycling,” said Dennis. “Our value to the retailer and packer alike is to provide a clear benefit in terms of shelf life, reduced waste, less plastic, improved sales and ultimately a lower carbon footprint”. Freight efficiencies and seamless automation of the new designs are just some of the ways CKF is creating value for its customers in the packaging supply chain.

The two new designs have the same demonstrated shelf life benefits of existing Earthcycle punnets, with a 20 percent improvement over PET clamshells, which speaks to the increasing focus on minimizing food waste.

Earthcycle products are certified home compostable by AB Vincotte, are considered widely recyclable in wastepaper streams and are FSC® (C145472) certified. The punnets add to Earthcycle’s extensive product line of top seal punnets for soft fruit, tomatoes, grapes and mushrooms along with industry standard trays that are used with flow wrap applications. Top seal films for the Earthcycle punnets are available in home compostable substrates and can be made with an easy peel or a peel and reseal closure.

CKF will be exhibiting at PMA Fresh Summit, Booth 4983 and Fruit Attraction in Madrid, Booth 6E07A.

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