"Things are going rather well, we can't complain. The products available at the moment are selling well. The artichoke season was satisfactory - we sold produce from France and Puglia and demand was constant. The campaign pleased both producers and traders. From September up to a few days ago, prices have always been good," reports an operator from CAAN-Centro agroalimentare di Napoli.

"The weather changed over the last week and frost put an end to supplies, especially from Puglia. They will restart in February/March and then it will be the turn of Campania. At the moment, there are some volumes from Sicily, but they do not meet demand. Our attention will now turn to artichokes from Tunisia and Egypt. The produce from Tunisia is better than that from Egypt because transit times are shorter."

The operator also reports good sales of some vegetables such as endive and cabbage in view of the festive season. "The market is lively with normal prices. Cabbage, for example, sells at €0.60-0.70/kg."

Pumpkin sales have dropped before Christmas, but things may pick up in 2017 as "we have always sold a lot of pumpkins in January."