Excellent quality and a 50/60% drop in production, yet prices remain low. In addition, the lack of Gross Saleable Production means growers find it hard to cover their costs. This is the situation on the artichoke market.


FreshPlaza talked to Christopher Ventura, who manages the family business in Caltanissetta. During a normal year, up to 30 million flower heads are sold.

"But, this year, the number is much lower due to the weather in August and September, which affected production. Quality though is very high. We hoped we could get higher prices, but the market is rather tired."

Lack of produce, excellent quality and the Christmas period - there is something seriously wrong if prices are like this. "A lot of people don't find it a problem if there is no domestic produce, as they import it from Tunisia and Egypt. Consumers are not aware of the difference between Italian and African productions. We follow strict techniques, everything is monitored and inspected. Most times, the same cannot be said for the imported produce."

Ventura commercialises artichokes grown in the Gela and Niscemi territories. At the moment, Violetto and Apollo varieties are available. Rome and Naples are its reference markets as well as a few platforms in Puglia and, at the moment, the produce is not sold abroad.


In addition to artichokes, the company also grows melons and industry tomatoes. 

Ventura Srl
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