With Olaf Spicker, Landgard succeeded in gaining a proven industry expert and an expert in the business management consulting of horticultural companies. Olaf Spicker, who is moving to Landgard from the horticulture center Papenburg eG, will start his business with the Landgard subsidiary edv-ring GmbH, effective from the 1st of January. As a project manager, he will be responsible for the further development and innovation of BluCom software as well as for comprehensive quality management projects.

Olaf Spicker has many years of experience in business management consulting in horticulture as well as the conception and programming of merchandise management systems. After completing a classical gardening qualification, he completed his diploma in agricultural engineering with a horticultural degree at the University of Hanover. Since 1990, Spicker - most recently Head of Department Quality Management - worked for the horticulture center Papenburg eG. 

Further development of quality management and quality assurance
"With Olaf Spicker, we are specifically strengthening the consulting competence of edv-ring GmbH, with the aim of supporting manufacturers' operations in even greater detail and optimizing processes, in addition to addressing the current challenges of digitalisation and aligning business processes accordingly" said Armin Rehberg, CEO of Landgard eG. Additionally, Olaf Spicker will support the Quality Management and Quality Assurance Department, headed by Dr. Svea Pacyna-Schürheck, who will be responsible for the expansion and development of process optimization and cultivation planning, as well as the expansion of the herbal supply in the direction of LEH.

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