The board of DailyFresh Logistics has decided to sell DailyFresh France, the French department of DailyFresh.

DailyFresh France, established in Dunkirk, has been a part of DailyFresh Logistics since 2006. The company’s core activities are warehousing and distribution of fresh produce and other products to the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe.

DailyFresh Logistics was established in 1998 to organize the distribution of fresh produce to the United Kingdom. As this market has been growing significantly in the past few years, DailyFresh Logistics has decided to focus even more on this core activity. According to DailyFresh, DailyFresh France was established to facilitate the former activities in the South of Europe. However, as of the past few years the activities of DailyFresh France have substantially deviated from the organizations’ core activities, DailyFresh Logistics representatives stated, and has come to the decision to sell the French department.

The current activities of DailyFresh France will be taken over by the French company Destock Logistique as per January 1st 2017. The company will be called DFresh Logistics, and will remain operating out of its office and warehouse in Dunkirk. In addition, all former employees of DailyFresh France will remain working here.

Maaike de Vries
DailyFresh Logistics
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