On Friday 16 December, after months of working very hard to get everything spic and span in order, the official opening of the extension of Franje Onions in Gawege took place. The extension consists of a new storage warehouse with a capacity of 2000 tons of onions. The advantage of this extension is that they can be more flexible with the demand from the market. The 200 guests used this opportunity to congratulate the brothers Jan and André Franje and their partners with this milestone. 

Jan and Andre Franje

Jan Franje proudly named Franje Onions the first onion business that trades and processes organic onions. Jan did ask himself during the opening speech if they were right in investing in the new storage barn, especially since the discussion about MH has concentrated around a potential ban on this substance. “It will be a disaster for the sector if this is put through.”

Henk Verheuvel

Henk Verheuvel of Accon AVM talked about the development of the business in the past few years. Even after the fire of 1999, Franje Onions did not hesitate to invest. Henk also named the modernisation round of 2011, that Jan Franje thinks that the logistical routing in a business is very important, and that sustainability is the main policy within the company. 

In past years, the business has invested in a new packaging line and an air purifier. Even when it is about MVO, Franje Onions does not shy from its responsibilities. For example, the roof of the building has solar panels and the company sponsors the local football club. 

Deputy Joannes de Bat and Mayor Piet Zoon did the official opening, together with the brothers Franje. After the official part, there was a possibility for a guided tour, to visit the stands of suppliers, and networking. 

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Article and pictures: Andries Gunter
Source: www.agf.nl