Two days ago, more than 1,500 visitors enjoyed a wintry atmosphere during the sixth edition of the Fruitmasters Cultivator’s Day. The theme of the gathering was meeting, exchanging knowledge and relaxation for Fruitmasters’ cultivators and their families.

Opening pear packing station
Since June 2016, a lot of work has been done to realise the new pear line. During the Cultivator’s Day, the new line was officially launched for employees and members. This pear line has various advantages: greater capacity, fewer internal transports and an efficient way of working. By means of IQS and IFA measuring systems, the new line can sort based on external and internal quality. With this line, Fruitmasters can absorb a growth from 30 million to 40 million kilograms of pears on a yearly basis. After the official opening, members and their families were allowed to visit the pear line.

One big family
“As a cooperative we think it is important, and fitting with the character of our organisation, to invite our members and their families to our company in Geldermalsen once a year,” says Kees de Kat, general manager. “All 425 independent fruit cultivation companies together make Fruitmasters into one big family company.”

Presentation by Angélique Schmeinck
During the Fruitmasters Cultivator’s Day, master chef Angélique Schmeinck also held a presentation. So many people, so many tastes, it is almost uncountable. And new flavours and combinations are thought of every day. They are the ruling factor in Angélique’s life. During Angélique’s culinary intermezzo, visitors experienced an explorative expedition filled with inspiration, creativity and experience.