Eitan Zvi, Galilee’s VP Marketing, said "after 2 years of on-going co-operation between Galilee Export and Avocado Gal Packhouse, we are pleased to announce that Avocado Gal has been co-opted as shareholder at Galilee Export. Galilee Export is a Cooperative Company owned by its growers so we are very pleased to add more growers to the Cooperative as owners”.

Avocado Gal is one of the largest avocado packing houses in the Upper Galilee. The addition of Avocado Gal as a shareholder could boost Galilee’s position as one of the world’s biggest exporters of green-skin avocados. Avocado Gal Packhouse joins the two existing shareholders: Milouot (the mother company of Milopri Packhouse) and Citrus of Galilee Packhouse.

The co-option of Avocado Gal Packhouse as a new shareholder is taking place just few months after Galilee Export signed a new agreement with Zemach pack house to continue their corporation in the next 3 years.

Eitan Zvi
Galilee Export
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