Entrepreneurs of the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, shipped their first three tons of habanero peppers to Europe, especially to England, on December 15.

Gilmer Arrollo Sanchez general manager of the company said they were going to send a similar shipment of the products from the Maya area every week, and he didn't rule out the possibility of also shipping squash and tomatoes.

He said that they only had a four-month contract to export, which would end in April 2017, but that they might renew it and continue exporting, including other products, apart from habanero peppers.

Businessmen sent the first three tons of habanero peppers.
The local businessman said that the three tons of product were worth approximately 100 thousand pesos, in general summations, which is equivalent to two million pesos, an income that will directly benefit the producers in the Mayan Zone.

"Milpa Maya is a company that has agreements with social greenhouses located in different communities of the municipality. The people working in said greenhouses will be directly favored by the income generated by the company," he said.

Production demands 
Arrollo Sanchez, said Quintana Roo, especially the town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, didn't have enough space to produce what the market demands, so they had to generate production points in the peninsula, such as in the states of Chiapas, Campeche and Yucatan.

"Those states have production areas and strategic points that would allow us to achieve the amount of produce demanded by different countries, which is estimated at 40 tons per week," he said.

The state governor, Carlos Manuel Joaquin Gonzalez, congratulated the entrepreneurs for sending the first shipment of habanero peppers and stated that his government was committed to promoting this type of productive endeavor. He also said that, despite being a private company, they would take into account their contribution and give them the necessary resources so that all the producers in the area could project themselves.

The mayor of the municipality, Paoly Maldonado Perera, and various authorities support the initiative to boost the state's production.