A week ago, Yantai apples were sold at 3 Yuan per kilo, but now they are sold at 6 Yuan/kilo. This has puzzled consumers. As a matter of fact, last week was still the picking season for Yantai apples, and the less good looking apples were sold at a cheaper price. This week marks the start of the season for all the good quality apples from cold storage centers and prices have shot up accordingly.

Now in the wholesale market, apples are sold between 4 Yuan and 12 Yuan per kilo, and their prices vary according to the fruit variety, size and origin. Judging from the current market situation, prices will remain relatively stable, and show a slight drop compared with the year-on-year price. Sometimes the apples are sold in the street markets rather than the wholesale market, but these sell different varieties; some are not appreciated by wholesalers as they are less tasty. However, as the change of plantation is costly and it takes two years before apple trees can be harvested, a lot of apple growers still keep their old apple trees. Upon harvest, they are sold normally only at the street market.

Source: Qilu Evening Daily