The 'A Ricchigia product range welcomes new products: Pistachio spread and pesto and organic PDO Bronte pistachio pesto.

"A Ricchigia, south of Bronte, is where our family business is located and where we have been growing pistachios for over fifty years," explains Laura Lupo, who came up with the idea of this niche product range.

"My family started working this land in the 1970s and promoted Bronte pistachios worldwide as they started shipping it to France, Switzerland, London and the US."

"We still believe in what we do despite the difficulties, this is why we try to carry on with our traditions."

"Even though many companies now use chemical compounds to make quality higher, we prefer to focus on the health and safety of our customers and subject our products to strict tests."


"Harvesting pistachios is hard, because they are usually cultivated on slopes. Operators have bags in which they insert the branches to collect the fruits one by one. Then the husk is removed and pistachios are dried for at least two days, so they can be stored throughout the year."

"Nowadays, we also produce sauces, spreads and pastes. Everyone is welcome to taste our products, our research for natural ingredients will wake up your senses for a truly unique, extraordinary experience."

In Moscow for World Food, one of the main events in Russia dedicated to operators in the food and agricultural sector. 

The birth of an idea - pistachio products
"We have always cultivated pistachios in our family - my grandfather, my father and me. My husband is also a producer and the idea of processing pistachios came to me as I accompanied him to the various fairs. There are many companies that process products without being producers, so we could provide something more. This is how we started producing pesto, spreads, sweets and flour."

"In Bronte, pistachios are harvested every two years between late August and early September. The oldest pistachios have been growing for over a century."

"We harvest every two years to continue with the tradition taught to us by our forefathers, otherwise quality wouldn't be as good."

"Manual cultivation and harvesting and gentle handling is essential for this delicate fruit, which requires time and care. Machinery would not fit among the trees, so all operations must be carried out by hand. Passion is essential for this kind of work, as trees start producing after 12-14 years and grow a couple of kg each."

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