The Argentinian blueberry campaign has come to an end and Chilean blueberry volumes will soon increase in the markets. "We've had our first campaign with Argentinian blueberries and it has been difficult because of the weather adversities recorded there. Now we are starting to work hard with Chilean blueberries, which will be shipped to the Middle East through cross trading and for which we expect a better quality," comments Pablo González Prados, Export Consulting of the Seville-based company BerryDealer.

Berry Dealer is specialised in the export of berries to the Middle East, with Dubai as its main market. "We started by helping some major blueberry producers to carry out operations in the United Arab Emirates. After many tests with the logistics, thanks to the collaboration of Fermac Cargo, we found the best way to export blueberries in optimum conditions, and ever since we have been growing considerably and have started exporting strawberries," he explains.

"This is our fourth berry season and, having learned from our mistakes, we are ready to supply good quality in a market like Dubai that also pays good prices, and where we will present our own brand to work with various retailers. I think a good brand can help us keep the price of our berries at a high level," he affirms.

BerryDealer is based in Seville, where it has its own citrus production, although it cultivates its blueberries and strawberries in Huelva.

Pablo González points out that Dubai is the key market to gain access to the Middle East, as the fruit is easily redistributed from there to nearby markets; however, competition in Dubai is very fierce, since it imports products of many origins. "At the moment, you can purchase strawberries from Egypt, Australia and South Africa, and later also from the United States, Greece, Chile, etc. It seems that everyone wants to work in this market, because it gives you a certain reputation. It is true, however, that they tend to prefer more luxury goods, which take a lot of hard work to obtain and require you to work hard and find the right partners." In this sense, the agreements with new partners will undoubtedly ensure the provision of the technical and commercial support needed to improve the quality and growth of the export volumes.

According to the exporter, blueberries are a growing product in Dubai. "We see it in the volumes demanded from us, although the same trend can be observed around the world; for this reason, Huelva expects a significant increase in the blueberry production, as in recent years the acreage devoted to the crop has been expanding at the expense of strawberries. We then hope to be able to keep strawberry prices up, as the product benefits from the good weather conditions."

The company's next target is the Asian market, where it wants to gain direct access to China. "We will start with the shipment of Spanish oranges to China, as there is already a protocol for this product. Moreover, we also export to Kazakhstan, where we are already working with a supermarket chain and we are very satisfied with the results."

Berrydealer operates as an intermediary between producers and buyers.

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