Marlene apples has released a new Christmas theme box of apples just in time for the holidays. The exclusive festive pack highlights two a variety of their apples in each box. Shoppers can find information and illustrations printed on the bottom that will help consumers to identify the apples not just by name and colour but also by each variety's most important characteristics, such as sweetness, juiciness, acidity and crunchiness.

The Christmas multipack is available for customers from 10 European and North African countries: Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Malta, Sweden, Lebanon, Libya and Great Britain. VOG has created two versions: the first contains six of the best-loved Marlene varieties plus a crunchy Kanzi, while the second Christmas pack is made up entirely of Marlene apples, with one of each blue sticker variety: a Golden Delicious, a Granny Smith, a Royal Gala, a Red Delicious, a Fuji, a Braeburn and, completing the set, a Stayman. Each with a different fragrance, a unique flavour and a distinctive colour.

Once all the apples have been eaten, the box can be reused for storing Christmas decorations and the pack carries the link for an apple-based Christmas recipe to liven up the holidays.