“From August to November, ginger prices gradually increased. The quality of the late-season has been strong and there has been some speculation on the market. Overall, however, there is little difference compared to last year. This year’s ginger output has increased by 10% compared to the 2015 crop,” explains Hanson of Anqiu Wang Jia Fruit Vegetable.

“On the export markets, ginger prices have come down from 8,000 Yuan (aproximately €1,100) per ton in November, to currently 6,300 Yuan (aproximately €880). I expect export prices to come down further in December, when the new crop is being exported.”

“Our plant bases are located near Weifang and Anqiu in Shandong province. In total we plant on a total of 700 mu (over 50 hectares). Of these 50 hectares, our company posseses 15. The remaining 35 are outsourced to local farmers, from whom we source the crop. We have a history of ginger farming, and export through Qingdao port to destinations including Europe, the US and countries in the Middle East.”

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