The second underground Melinda facility for the cold-storage of apples in Val di Non was inaugurated on December 13th, 2016 in the presence of local authorities, representatives from cooperatives and public bodies and workers. 

The new facility is located in the same site as the pilot one inaugurated in 2012 and where the first units were opened a couple of years ago. A small "sustainable" revolution that continues to receive positive feedback from the international scientific world.

The idea is simple - storing apples underground instead of building new facilities above-ground. An eco-friendly alternative where temperature is constant and which reduces energy consumption by as much as 50%. This is combined with water saving, acoustic insulation and no impact on landscape.

Around 90,000 m3 of dolostone were excavated, which were entirely used by Tassullo Materiali for its products. A unique facility in the world that meets the needs relating to the increased production of numerous Melinda cooperatives.

"Apples can be enjoyed all year round but, in order to be sure they are available on the market, they must be stored correctly. We tested the project for three years together with important domestic and international academic and scientific organisations," explains Andrea Fedrizzi, Marketing Manager for Consorzio Melinda.

"The new facility is the perfect representation of a production philosophy that is increasingly oriented towards sustainability. It was created by constantly observing the nature that surrounds us and is the expression of the will of the 4,000 families that make up Consorzio Melinda to respect our territory and safeguard it for future generations."

Thanks to its unique characteristics, the project was praised all over the world and rewarded with the Bernoni Grand Thornto's Good Energy Award as well as with Sodalitas Social Award, assigned to the most effective initiatives that generate sustainable corporate growth.