The Coordinator of the Sectorial Office of Economic Development, Minister Arnaldo Castillo, stated that they were going to implement an aggressive plan in 2017 to increase exports and reduce imports of agricultural products. 

"We identified that we are importing too many agricultural products that we can produce in the country, such as Hass avocado," he said.

"We import 11 to 12 million dollars of Hass avocado a year and Honduras has the optimal conditions, not only to produce, but also to export this product," he said.

He also said that they would try to increase the national production next year, to avoid a flight of capital that would directly impact the country's economy.

"I Recently met with the Executive of Inalma, a very important company in the North of the country, with which will begin to work on programs to strengthen producers through Banadesa and the FIRSA funds," the official said.

He said the goal was to reactivate the sector to boost the Honduran economy, so that they didn't have to depend on imports, especially of agricultural products. The Secretariat of economic development has been working through joint ventures with Spanish businessmen, who were offered the production of Hass avocado in advance. 

According to the Minister, all of these activities "are a priority for President Juan Orlando Hernandez and are part of Honduras' 20/20 Economic Development Plan."

During a visit to Spain last October, Minister Castillo, identified contracts for the purchase of avocado, mango, pineapple, and specialty coffees, which are of great interest in the Spanish market because of the high demand they have in the European continent.

As a product of this visit, the official signed an agreement with Spanish entrepreneurs for the purchase of the avocado, citrus, and specialty coffee productions through a joint venture agreement.

"This agreement was held between the Government of Honduras, through ProHonduras, and a Spanish association that brings together at least 20 companies, agroindustrial companies... the idea is to strengthen a route to implement the joint venture between both countries to benefit the agricultural sector," the official concluded.