India is benefitting from the Russian boycott. According to the DNA India, the price of fruit has decreased because there is more import from Europe and the US. These volumes have increased since Russia closed its borders. 

"This definitely made fruit more affordable for the Indian consumer," says Gianchard Arora of IG international in the article. The supply from the boycotted countries has increased. Due to the improved bargaining power of the Indian importers the prices have dropped. The products that have become more popular are kiwifruits, citrus fruits, plums, blueberries, pitahaya, mangosteen, guava, grapes, apples, and rambutan. "We are now able to supply fruit to the masses,” says another importer. In just a few months, the prices have decreased about 20 to 30 percent. 

India imports about 330,000 tons of fruit from various countries. The market for imported fruit has been valued at 500 million dollar and has grew by 30 percent last year. The national fruit market grew by 20 percent. 

Source: DNA India