In 2007, the first Evelina trees were planted in Brandenburg at the Wesendahl site. In the next 10 years, the Evelina Club has grown steadily in Germany and can now look back on the first exciting decade - true to the slogan "Evelina - surprisingly apple".

With the growth of the club, the number of trees planted also increased and currently the apple is planted in more than 250 hectares of land in all major cultivation areas in Germany. In the 2016/2017 season, 8,500 metric tonnes of harvest exceeded all expectations. This makes the Evelina apple one of the most profitable varieties in Germany in its anniversary year. Henceforth, the Evelina is available again in the food retail industry.

"We are pleased to have found a competent, creative and reliable partner in Germany in the broker Evelina Deutschland GmbH who, in Evelina's country of origin, will passionately lead the international project through the next successful decade" said Arno Überbacher, Evelina GmbH and licensor of the brand Evelina®.
Advertising figurehead as a birthday present
For the anniversary year, the Evelina apple in Germany is to be represented by Evelina Mamajeva, the well known social media star and McFit model. On Instagram, for example, she is followed by over 95,000 fans and she gives advice on their loves and shares valuable fitness tips.
"Of course we see the fact that they share the same name as an absolute coincidence. Evelina is a great, fascinating woman who has already made a name for herself at her young age and focuses on her future with enthusiasm and confidence, just like we do with our Evelina® apple", explains Evelina Deutschland GmbH.

"The consumer in Germany now has so many apple varieties to choose from in the supermarket. As a club, you have to stand out and offer something special. Therefore, we want to raise awareness that behind the apple, the natural product, is an exciting, quality company which promotes great deals so that the Evelina apple, with its reliable, first class taste and appearance, will be the one to win over the customers" says Evelina Deutschland GmbH.

About Evelina Deutschland GmbH
In 2014, Evelina® Deutschland GmbH was founded from the international Evelina project, which combines important competencies with long-standing cooperation and incorporates knowledge and passion for the project.

In order to meet the high quality standards, the company acts as a broker (licensee) for the club and relies on the selected partners to plant the Evelina under the best conditions, package it correctly and use innovative marketing. As one of the most profitable club varieties, the apples surprise you with a delicious, fresh, crisp taste with every bite.
For more information:
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Telephone: 03341/49877-450
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