The covered market hall and shop Criée in Antwerp, Belgium, have recently been obtained by Group A. De Witte. “Achiel has been the owner of the supermarket for years, and he has now also taken over the three butcher’s and poulterer’s shops. Everything will be completely renewed and refurnished, and other specialist shops will also be opened, including a fishmonger, a pastry shop and of course the products that are our specialities: a fruit and vegetable department of the highest quality,” says Stijn Vermoere, marketing manager for Group A. De Witte.

Focus on experience
The renewal of the experience market will begin in February, and is expected to be finished mid-2017. We are going to convert the market hall into a flagship store. The accent will be on fresh products of the best quality. Butchers Vermeulen and Roosemeyers and poulterer Van de Poel will get a new counter. It is possible that there will also be a new supermarket, but we are still negotiating about that. We will have a wine cellar downstairs and a tapas and coffee bar upstairs. The focus is really on experience. Everything people can buy here, can first be tasted.”

Vermoere indicates that the shop will be closed as little as possible. “Most of the work will be in the restaurant, where the offices are now, so the actual shop will only be closed for a short period of time. The rest will happen in the meantime.” He emphasises that this does not mean Group A. De Witte has entered into a new direction. “This market hall is a separate part. Our core business will remain fruit and vegetables. Achiel has been going to this hall for years already, and fell in love with it. It is therefore more of a project besides our other activities, and Achiel is very enthusiastic about it.”

On Sunday 18 December there will be an open day in Criée with special offers from the butchers. More about this in the following clip (in Dutch):

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Stijn Vermoere
Marketing Manager
Group Achiel De Witte