According to Leonardo Olivares Ahumada, chairman of the Producers and Exporters of Persian Limes (COPELP), Mexico could start exporting Persian limes to the Chinese market next year. Negotiations between the two countries are on track and Mexico's Federal Government is set on achieving them. Olivares Ahumada, spoke during the second national symposium on Persian limes.

"These are Government negotiations, they negotiate product by product so I don't know exactly when they are negotiating Persian limes. However, our understanding is that it's on the negotiating table for next year," he said.

He said this had been a good year for producers, as the increase in the dollar reinforced sale prices of citrus fruit.

Producers from different parts of the region and of the country attended the symposium to get up to date and to learn about the FSMA law. They were trained in the proper use and management of pesticides that are authorized for the citrus fields.

"It is raising awareness and training producers in a more direct way so that they have the knowhow and can continue to export to the United States, which is covered by the new FSMA law. However, that's not the only market for which we have to have safe products, we also have to do this for the rest of the markets, including the European and Korean markets."

He said producers would be able to comply with the FSMA law because they had been producing quality limes for more than 39 years and because they know how to apply agrochemicals to the orchards.