At the end of October this year, the Chinese Quarantine and Inspection Bureau announced the 'notification of the Quarantine and Inspection Bureau Botanical Migration Office concerning the recovery and approval of the qualifications for the increase of fruit enterprise import from the Philippines to China'. The notification reinstates and increases the qualifications for 28 Philippine companies that import tropical fruits to China. According to the statistics of the Quarantine and Inspection Bureau, in the last two weeks, more than 4200 tons of fruit from the Philippines passed through the border at the Tianjin port. Compared to the previous period, that is an increase of 20%. Compared to the same period last year, it is an increase of 5%. Among these fruits, bananas amount to 3500 tons, which means an increase from the previous period of 16% and a 14 increase compared to the same period the year before. Pineapples were at 700 tons, which is a 42% increase from the previous period, but a reduction of 18% compared to the same period the year before.