Single-unit packaging caters to large public
"Suitable fruit and vegetable packaging materials and shapes not only increase the preservation time of the fruits and vegetables, but they also reduce the loss rate during the processes of harvesting, storage and transport. As people become more aware of this, the individualised packaging requirements of big fruit and vegetable companies are continuously increasing," says Ms. Zhou Juying from Yiwu Shangmei Plastic Packaging. 

"After many years of investigation and research into the market, we have noticed that the requirements of clients aren't simply limited to colour and pattern. Different customers have different requirements based on different situations. Moreover, the packaging requirements also differ based on the sort of fruit. As we face a transformation of market demands, we are in the middle of the research and development process for packaging products. We will consider all factors that matter, such as, transport, sales channels and customer habits. At present, our company is leading on the market in the field of strawberry packaging."

Quality products for high-end markets

"At the present stage, our fruit and vegetable packaging cases are sold under the brand name 'One Box' to middle-range and large enterprises and high-quality fruit and vegetable shops all over China. As a company with many years of experience in the customised packaging of quality goods, we actively participate in the iFresh exhibition and other events. We look forward to find more partners and clients to work with."

Ms. Zhou Juying (General Manager, CEO)
Yiwu Shangmei Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. 
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