On 24th November 2016, Med Hermes Vegetable Seeds presented its new green and Mediterranean pink tomato range.

R&D manager for central and northern Italy, Dr. Della Corte, and southern Puglia sales manager, Dr. Miccoli Antonio, presided over the technical meeting.

Over 50 nursery gardeners and technicians attended. There was a lot of interest for the presentation held by Dr. Miccoli on the monitoring and contrast of Tuta absoluta, a serious problem affecting table tomatoes.

The Med Hermes Vegetable Seeds technical staff presented the new tomato range resistant to the TYLCV virus and suitable to be harvested green for grades M and G/GG:

Osiride F1: green variety wih grade M for transplants between June and April. Commercial variety.

MIG 30 F1: green grade M variety for transplants between June and April.

MIG 32: grades G-GG for transplants between June and April.

The new range of "Mediterranean pink" tomatoes was also presented. Feedback is good for their agronomic techniques as well as for their intense fruity flavour, which represents an good alternative to the green M-G grade segment. All the varieties presented are resistant to the TYLCV virus:

Rosambra F1: grade M. Green when not ripe, turning pinker as it ripens. Long shelf-life. Very tasty with good acidity/sugar balance. Transplants between August and April. Good adaptability to long cycles. 

Rosantea F1: like the Rosambra variety in agronomic and flavour terms, suitable for spring and summer transplants. Good resistance to summer heat. 

Rosaflora F1: Grade M tomatoes with a light pink colour and red flesh. Can be harvested in bunches thanks to the uniform fruit, long shelf-life. Transplants between March and Agust. Good adaptability to transplants with hot temperatures. 

Rosaflora F1

The new range of "Mediterranean pink" tomatoes are part of the "premium tomato range" project supported by the new communication campagin – blog www.tomatocult.com - presented to the European markets during important fairs. It will also be presented during Fruit Logistica in Berlin in February 2017. 

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